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Doggie Dine and Dash

Doggie Dine and Dash

Saturday May 2, 2015.

There will be 50-60 tickets sold at $125 each. Each ticket purchased receives two $25 raffle tickets.
Tickets will be offered here at the Pedal for Pets website for a limited time! (Coming Soon!)

Registration opens at 4pm at the Crosstown Grille with a complimentary champagne.

We will have programs that will include:

  • A map of where we are going
  • What each restaurant will offer
  • The raffle prizes at each location
  • And a page about the charity and where their money is going.

We load up the Charter Bus at 5pm, and each stop will be approximately 45 minutes to an hour. We will have a doggie dish in front of each raffle prize and before we leave each restaurant, 2 winners will be drawn. Each restaurant offers a sampling of their dishes and a complimentary  selected wine or beer.

  • First stop is Due South.
  • Second Stop is Georgia Shrimp Company to arrive by 6:15 pm.
  • Third stop is Maguire’s to arrive by 7:15pm
  • Fourth place is the Waking Dead Cafe across the street, arrive 8:15.  (This will be our dessert and espresso stop.)

We’ll leave our last destination between 9:00-9:30pm and head back to Crosstown Grille.
We will offer private “rides” for those wanting to leave their cars and get a ride home.  The cost will be $10.00.

For those coming from many miles and states away we will offer special rates at a local hotel and Bed and Breakfast. (TBA).